Species fishing

This is the fastest growing branch of angling and the form of fishing that has received the most press coverage in the national newspapers in recent years.

We have a range of specialty hooks in many different sizes from size 22 (smaller comes) and upwards. Here you have to use many different rods if you want to be successful, but you can easily manage a few dozen species with one rod.

This is perhaps the most fun form of fishing. It’s all about catching as many species as possible and preferably as big as possible in each species. It goes without saying that the more species you have, the more difficult it is to add new ones.

Norway’s leading species fishermen have around 130 species. This type of fishing can be done on a small scale as a family competition with a limited amount of time as a one-day competition.

There is also a “Norwegian Championship” that runs throughout the year where you report your catch with a photo and weight. In sea fishing competitions there are two parts -either weight fishing or point fishing (species fishing). Here, many of the same principles apply.

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