Ice fishing

​This is a very exciting form of fishing. There are opportunities to fish in places that can only be reached by boat in the summer.

In late autumn and early winter, many people go ice fishing. You lie on your stomach on the ice and look down into the clear water while trying to lure the char to take the maggot. This is very visual and almost unbearably exciting as the char circle around the bait.

Later, the sea ice also settles in many places and then you have the opportunity to fish for perhaps the best quality cod and saithe throughout the year.

It is important to have a drill that makes a large enough hole so that it is possible to catch a cod weighing several kilos. Bait fishing is very effective, but try a balance jig.

​Ice fishing is also a social way of fishing and a great opportunity to be outside in any weather. We have our own tents that you can fish inside.

No matter what kind of ice fishing you want to try, we have everything you need during the season.

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