Torshov Sportsfiske is one of Norway’s oldest sports shops. We assist a wide range of customers – from first-time anglers to experienced anglers.

Welcome to Torshov Sportsfiske

Welcome to one of Norway’s oldest sports shops, and perhaps the oldest sport fishing shop in the country.

Torshov Sportsfiske AS started up as an independent company in 2013 with new owners. The shop has previously been part of Torshov Sport for 15 years and earlier as Lorang Sport for another 60 years. Our goal is to provide knowledge, good service and the right equipment so that you will get a better fishing experience.

We cover all forms of sport fishing, including modern earthwork fishing, carp and surfcasting. We have a wide range of customers: from first-time anglers to experienced anglers. Today, our product range is wider than ever before.

We have a lot of specialized equipment for different types of fishing. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, we’ll help you order the product.

Fly fishing

We focus on a few very good fly fishing suppliers.

Species fishing

This is the fastest growing branch of sport fishing.

Deep-sea fishing

We have a wide range of rods and reels for sea fishing.

Wilderness and mountain fishing

We have a huge range of rods, reels and package deals.

Modern bait fishing

We are probably the country's largest shop for modern bait fishing.


Surfcasting is a major form of sport fishing along many of the beaches in Europae and the rest of the world.

Dropshot fishing

A fairly new - and very effective - form of sport fishing in Norway.

Ice fishing

An exciting and social way to fish - and a great opportunity to be outside whatever the weather.



We are fully focused on delivering quality at every stage, from A to Z.



We take pride in providing top service to all our customers.



Rest assured that we will help you find the right equipment for your needs.

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We respond quickly and are always available to answer your questions.

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