Fly fishing

We focus on a few good fly fishing suppliers. They have a very good range within their brands with excellent quality. These are also suppliers who provide top service and handle complaints quickly and efficiently.

Our brand names in rods, reels and fly lines are Hardy, Greys and Guideline. We also have waders from Guideline and Hodgeman (2017).

The fly selection comes mainly from Midgar. “Money can’t buy better flies” is what many of our customers say about Midgar flies.

We also have a rich selection of classic wet flies in single and double hooks. In addition, you will of course find a wide range of fly fishing accessories in the shop.

When you buy a reel and line, we always assemble it for you for free so that you can start fishing when you leave the shop. If you are looking for a unique product we don’t have, we will try to help you get it.

We also provide fly casting courses.

Do you have questions?

We respond quickly and are always available to answer your questions.

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